Brunswick Foodstore

Brunswick Foodstore

Address: 29 Weston Street (enter through Charles Street), Brunswick, Vic 3056, Australia (Click here for a map)

Tel: 03 9388 8738

Brunswick Foodstore on Urbanspoon

Brunswick Foodstore lies in a rather obscure location off the busy Sydney Road but you will not be disappointed with a visit. In this warehouse-convert cafe, decors were not impressive but they did a decent job. At the side of dining area, was a massive coffee bean roaster that imparted the whole place with a lovely charm. Off the wall, bottles of gourmet-looking tea and spices were up for sales.

Lunch was a grilled chicken wrap with a middle-eastern hint and lattes. Wrap was well-toasted and warm. The chicken breast had a nice grill-charred smell and taste, along which the salad/spice combination was refreshing. Overall, the food was good, the price was reasonable, and service was friendly. A 3 out of 5 cafe visit.


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